Friday, June 18, 2004

And God Willing, None of Those 100 to 200 Priests Will Give John Kerry Communion 

From the AP wire:
Between 100 and 200 Roman Catholic priests around the world were moved from country to country after they were accused of sex offenses against minors, according to an 18-month investigation by the Dallas Morning News . . . .

“We're focusing on international movement of abusive priests, people who have been accused and in many cases criminally charged, in some cases even convicted or otherwise admitted” abuse, [reporter Brooks] Edgerton said. He did not say what time period was covered by the investigation.

He said initial coverage will focus on the Salesians, a large order that was founded in 19th century Italy by St. John Bosco. It works mainly with poor and needy children.

“We have found a systematic practice of moving the most serious abuse cases on to other countries to protect the accused,” Edgerton said.

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