Tuesday, June 29, 2004

The AWOL Project 

Paul Lukasiak is onto something interesting, as he explained this morning in a letter to Eric Alterman of Altercation:
For the past four months I’ve been examining Bush’s military records within the context provided by the relevant statutes, DoD regulations, and Air Force policies and procedures of that era. (I’ve scanned them and posted them here.)

I've finally started publishing my findings on Bush's military records.

My first piece is on what happened to Bush AFTER he left TXANG.

As it turns out, when you compare the records to the laws, regulations, policies and procedures of that era, there is only one conclusion to be drawn...

The Air Force itself designated Bush a deserter (technically, a "non-locatee", which is the term they used when, instead of court martialling someone who had a draft-deferment, they certified him for immediate induction through the selective service system).

This is the ONLY way to explain that AF 526 that shows that Bush was placed on "Inactive Status" effective September 15, 1973.
Here's a link to that first piece, entitled "Deserter":
After Bush quit TXANG, he still had nine months of his six-year military commitment left to serve. As a result, Bush became a member of the Air Force Reserves and was transferred to the authority of the Air Reserve Personnel Center (ARPC) in Denver, Colorado. Because this was supposed to be a temporary assignment, ARPC had to review Bush’s records to determine where he should ultimately be assigned. That examination would have led to three conclusions: That Bush had “failed to satisfactorily participate” as defined by United States law and Air Force policy, that TXANG could not account for Bush’s actions for an entire year, and that Bush’s medical records were not up to date. Regardless of what actions ARPC contemplated when reviewing Bush’s records, all options required that Bush be certified as physically fit to serve, or as unfit to serve. ARPC thus had to order Bush to get a physical examination, for which Bush did not show up. ARPC then designated Bush as AWOL and a “non-locatee” (i.e. a deserter) who had failed to satisfactorily participate in TXANG, and certified him for immediate induction through his local draft board. Once the Houston draft board got wind of the situation, strings were pulled; and documents were generated which directly contradict Air Force policy, and which were inconsistent with the rest of the records released by the White House.

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