Wednesday, June 30, 2004

In That Case It Was Worth It 

Although it's early in the day for an Article That Everyone Else Has Already Linked To, here's an Article That Everyone Else Has Already Linked To: "Iraq Is Worse Off Than Before the War Began, GAO Reports," by Seth Borenstein of Knight-Ridder.

Now that circumstances have forced the administration to abandon Official Rationales #1-5 for starting the war --
1) We are in danger of imminent attack from Saddam and his massive stores of WMD's;
2) Saddam has an active nuclear program;
3) Saddam was in cahoots with the 9/11 terrorists;
4) The democratic model we establish in Iraq will have a domino effect, diminishing the influence of fundamentalist Islam, causing theocracies and dictatorships all through the region to topple;
5) The oppressed people of Iraq were praying for a liberator, and will be forever grateful for our selfless humanitarian intervention;
-- how long will it be until we start to hear variations on:
6) Fuckin' ingrate Hajis had it coming?

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