Friday, June 11, 2004

It's D'Sgusting 

The guilty liberals at CNN, in their haste to Get Right With Jesus, have hired the delish Dinesh D'Souza as an "analyst" (a move which indicates that the whole of CNN upper management needs to see an analyst of the psycho- variety, and the sooner the better). Novice blogger Michael Bérubé here delivers the definitive D'Souza smackdown, operating on the principle that "the easiest way to slander D'Souza is to quote him directly." To wit:
"[The Civil Rights Movement] sought to undermine white racism through a protest strategy that emphasized the recognition of basic rights for blacks, without considering that racism might be fortified if blacks were unable to exercise their rights effectively and responsibly."

"Most African American scholars simply refuse to acknowledge the pathology of violence in the black underclass, apparently convinced that black criminals as well as their targets are both victims: the real culprit is societal racism. Activists recommend federal jobs programs and recruitment into the private sector. Yet it seems unrealistic, bordering on the surreal, to imagine underclass blacks with their gold chains, limping walk, obscene language, and arsenal of weapons doing nine-to-five jobs at Procter and Gamble or the State Department."

"Increasingly it appears that it is liberal antiracism that is based on ignorance and fear: ignorance of the true nature of racism, and fear that the racist point of view better explains the world than its liberal counterpart."

"The American slave was treated like property, which is to say, pretty well."

"The popular conception seems to be that American slavery as an institution involved white slaveowners and black slaves. Consequently, it is easy to view slavery as a racist institution. But this image is complicated when we discover that most whites did not own slaves, even in the South; that not all blacks were slaves; that several thousand free blacks and American Indians owned black slaves. An examination of these frequently obscured aspects of American slavery calls into question the facile equation of racism and slavery."

"If America as a nation owes blacks as a group reparations for slavery, what do blacks as a group owe America for the abolition of slavery?"
Reassuring to know that the Fox News ideals of fairness and balance are catching on elsewhere, hmm?

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