Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Kerry's Senate Seat Suddenly Safer 

Welcome news (courtesy of Zackpunk at Daily Kos:
If John Kerry is elected president, his seat in the U.S. Senate would be filled by the winner of a special election rather than a successor hand-picked by Republican Gov. Mitt Romney under a bill approved Wednesday by the Massachusetts Senate.

The Senate voted largely along party lines, 32-8, after a sometimes testy debate pitting the badly outnumbered Republicans, who opposed the change, against Democrats. One Democrat, Charles Shannon, D-Winchester, sided with Republicans.

Both sides accused the other of purely political motives . . . .

Letting Romney appoint someone to Kerry's seat would allow enough time for a fair election while not depriving Massachusetts of representation in the U.S. Senate, Republicans said.

But Democrats said allowing the governor to appoint a successor is less democratic than a special election, even a quick election.

''Let the people vote. We heard that over and over and over, and still over again, recently from the executive branch during the gay marriage debate,'' said Sen. Brian Joyce, D-Milton. ''What could be more democratic than let the people vote?''

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