Saturday, June 19, 2004

Oh My God, They Indicted Kenny 

Well, not quite yet. But it seems that the Con Artist Formerly Known as "Kenny Boy" (and latterly known as "Ken Who?") is finally looking at the prospect of hard time. From Reuters (via Suburban Guerilla):
U.S. prosecutors are expected to ask a federal grand jury to indict former Enron Corp. chairman Ken Lay within two weeks on charges related to the company's 2001 collapse, a newspaper reported on Saturday.

The Houston Chronicle, citing unnamed sources, said Lay likely would face fraud charges similar to those filed earlier against former Enron chief executive office Jeffrey Skilling and former Enron chief accounting officer Richard Causey . . . .

Prosecutors could not comment on the possibility of impending indictments, but Lay lawyer Michael Ramsey expressed skepticism his client would be charged, the Chronicle said.

"Indict him for what?" he asked. "I don't know what they could charge him with."
After reading the Enron transcripts, I wouldn't be surprised to see Mr. Lay's surname enter the language as a synonym for -- oh, wait. It already has.

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