Wednesday, June 16, 2004

People for the Animal Treatment of Ethics 

Via Zemblan patriot D.E.: if you admire the way our Republican betters redefined the term "class war" (see below), check out the job they're doing on "ethics." From an article at TheHill.com, here expertly parsed by Tim Dunlop of The Road to Surfdom:
Follow the bouncing ball:
  • Manuel Miranda organized the Republican Party strategy on judges when he was an aide to Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist
  • In that capacity, he illegally obtained Democratic Judiciary Committee documents from committee computers
  • The Senate sergeant at arms organised an investigation that was approved by Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee
  • The investigation resulted in the resignation of Manuel Miranda
  • The case, including Miranda's role in it, is still the subject of a federal criminal investigation
So far, so good. Meanwhile, in another part of town:
  • One of the leading conservative advocacy groups in the battle over judges, the Coalition for a Fair Judiciary, has formed a new group called the Ethics in Nominations Project
Good plan. But who to head such an august body?:
  • They have just appointed . . . Manuel Miranda as the head of the new Ethics project
But wait, there's more:
  • The Ethics in Nominations Project plans to assemble a group of ethicists to outline rules for how senators should deal with judicial nominees.
  • The project will seek to highlight what its organizers see as corruption in the confirmation process.
How do these fine conservatives know the confirmation process is "corrupt"?:
  • Because of the internal Democratic Judiciary Committee memos that the head of their new ethics project stole last year.
More on the story from Jerome Doolittle of Bad Attitudes here.

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