Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Q. Why Is the Global Terrorism Report Like a Box of Christmas Cards on Dec. 26? 

A. They're both 50% off. From the NYT:
The State Department said today that global terrorism in 2003 killed or wounded more than twice as many people as the department had reported earlier.

The department said the earlier report was based on flawed calculations.

In revising its annual "Patterns of Global Terrorism" report, the department listed 625 deaths last year from terror-related causes, down from the 725 in 2002, but well above the 307 originally declared in April. It also reported an increase in total terror attacks, to 208, up from the 190 listed in the original report and the 205 in 2002.

The revised report said that 3,646 people were wounded in terror attacks last year, more than double the 1,593 cited in April, and a substantial increase from the 2,013 in 2002.

Secretary of State Colin Powell blamed "errors in the way the data was being added up." He said that the report "is not designed to make our efforts look better or worse."

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