Monday, June 07, 2004

Talk About an Unholy Alliance 

Max B. Sawicky last week attended a tax conference sponsored by the feds, and discovered almost inadvertently that our good friends at the IRS routinely pay a private firm, ChoicePoint, to obtain personal and financial information on individual taxpayers.

If you don't recognize the name, ChoicePoint is the company that helped tip the 2000 election by providing the state of Florida with a "scrub list" of supposed felons, mostly African-American, whom then-Secretary of State Katherine Harris ordered purged from the voter rolls. The problem is, thousands of the supposed felons -- the vast majority of the voters on the list -- were not felons at all.

They lost their voting rights just the same. By now their eligibility is supposed to have restored under the terms of a settlement between the state and the NAACP, but many of them are still waiting. Meanwhile, Florida is undertaking a new felon purge just in time for the 2004 election.

As for ChoicePoint, you will not be surprised to learn that "Bush is handing them the big contracts in the War on Terror; immigration reviews, DNA cataloging, airport profiling, and their voting systems are being rolled out across the country."

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