Sunday, July 18, 2004

Class Warrior 

Boy, from the way he's single-handedly repudiating "the criminally stupid strategy that has dominated Democratic thinking off and on ever since the 'New Politics' days of the early seventies," you'd almost think that John Edwards has been reading Thomas Frank on the inexplicable death of Democratic populism. From CNN coverage of Edwards's speech this morning in Florida:
"We will get voters registered, we will get voters mobilized, we will get voters to the polls!" Edwards said during a campaign stop at Orlando's St. Mark African Methodist Episcopal Church. "We're going to make sure that all those voters that go to the polls and cast their votes, that [their] votes are counted this time" . . . .

Turning to the economy, Edwards referred to a story in Sunday editions of The New York Times that said hourly wages are not keeping pace with inflation. "Is that a news bulletin to you?" Edwards asked the congregants.

"No!" many responded in unison.

"I am here to tell you hope is on the way," Edwards said . . . .

[T]he main point of his primary campaign stump speech that remains intact is his pledge to better address the needs of the 35 million Americans who live in poverty.

"When we're running this country we're going to say 'No' in a country of our wealth to having kids going to bed hungry," Edwards says. "We are going to say 'No' forever to any American working full-time for minimum wage and still living in poverty."

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