Saturday, July 17, 2004

Cyrano de Busherac 

Susan at Suburban Guerrilla came across this post by Heywood at The Leftist, who was watching cable news coverage of the President's visit to France in early June. When Bush was addressing the French press, the TV sound feed picked up a second distinct voice -- same words, different enunciation:
It was sureal, Bush was being fed his lines through an earpiece, I could come to no other logical conclution. We all well know that Mr. Bush is not the best speaker, but if he cannot even read his own speech, then he is not qualified to be a member in AA, let alone the president of the United States.

It did not end here however, Bush was going to take a few questions from the press, everyone always notes how well the president is with names, well the voice in the earpiece is much better with names, beacuse he told Mr. Bush who to call by name, and without fail the earpiece had all the answers to the reporters questions as well. I was just in awe at this point, some clever techy in France had exposed one of Bush's puppet masters.
Which might explain why the White House expects those pesky foreign journalists to submit their questions in advance.

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