Monday, July 19, 2004

For the Encore, She Was Planning to Do a Cover of "White Riot" 

From Reuters, courtesy of Zemblan patriot P.S.:
Singer Linda Ronstadt (news) was thrown out of the Aladdin casino in Las Vegas on the weekend after dedicating a song to liberal film maker Michael Moore and his movie "Fahrenheit 9/11," a casino spokeswoman said on Monday.

Ronstadt, who had been hired for a one-show engagement Saturday night at the Las Vegas Strip casino, dedicated a performance of "Desperado" to Moore and his controversial documentary, which criticizes President Bush (news - web sites) and the U.S.-led war in Iraq.

That dedication angered some Aladdin guests who spilled drinks, tore down posters and demanded their money back, said casino spokeswoman Sara Gorgon [not a typo -- S.] . . . .

Before her concert, Ronstadt had laughingly told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that she hoped that the casino performance would be her last.

"I keep hoping that if I'm annoying enough to them, they won't hire me back," she was quoted as telling the newspaper.

A statement issued by the Aladdin said Ronstadt had been "escorted out of the hotel" just after her performance and said the performer would "not be welcomed back."
Not even if she agrees to dedicate one of her biggest hits to President Bush? Like maybe . . . "You're No Good"?

UPDATE (7/20): TBogg has a followup letter from a patron who was in the house.

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