Wednesday, July 07, 2004

"God Have Mercy" 

From a Guardian interview with Lila Lipscomb, the 50-year-old mother from Flint, MI, whose son Michael died while serving as a helicopter gunner in Iraq. Lipscomb is in London for the premiere of Fahrenheit 9/11, which movingly depicts "the seismic shift in [her] political perceptions":
Lipscomb's employers have been supportive. Her friends in Flint have been stunned. She wonders if her phone has been bugged and how her unlisted number seems to have become so quickly and widely known. "Interesting, isn't it?" And she wonders if she will ever get to the White House. It is on her to-do list. "When I go to Washington DC as an American citizen I have a right, I have a right to go to the White House and I'll not stop until that right is given back to us. My son's blood paid for that White House, and I can't go in? That's my White House. I'm furious." What would she say to Bush if she met him? "God have mercy." She shakes her head. "God have mercy."

Now, instead of telling them to trust authority, Lipscomb is raising her seven grandchildren to question it. "I tell them: if you don't understand something, ask. And if you still don't understand it, go to the next level. And the next. And the next."

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