Monday, July 12, 2004

High-Profile Targets 

Satar Jabar, the hooded, wired detainee photographed in the famous pose that Iraqis now call the "Statue of Liberty," was arrested and charged as:
A) A dangerous insurgent.
B) A car thief.
Hussein Mohsen Matar, ordered to masturbate on camera and ridden by MP's as he crawled on all fours, was:
A) A dangerous insurgent.
B) An accused thief.
Haqi Ismail Abdul-Hamid, menaced by a snarling police dog as he cowered in a corner with his hands bound behind him, was:
A) A dangerous insurgent.
B) An obvious mental case released 72 hours after he was arrested for swearing at, and trying to kick, Iraqi police and coalition troops.
Wasam Muhammad Athab, beaten when he refused a soldier's order to fuck another prisoner on-camera, was:
A) A dangerous insurgent.
B) An accused car thief.
Female prisoner "Noor" (full name withheld) was forced to expose her breasts and genitalia because:
A) She was a dangerous insurgent.
B) Cpl. Charles Graner wanted a picture of her breasts and genitalia.
Answers here.

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