Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Hot to SWAT 

A disco classic from Rhythm Heritage, going out to Glenda and Jeb in Tallahassee. From the S.F. Chronicle:
Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry announced the creation of a SWAT team of election lawyers Monday in a bid to combat the kind of voting irregularities that occurred in Florida four years ago and contributed to the disputed election of President Bush by one electoral vote.

Kerry said his team will take "tough action" to prevent the kind of voter "intimidation and harassment" that kept an estimated 1 million African Americans from the polls in 2000 and prevented as many as 57,000 African Americans from casting votes in Palm Beach County, Fla. . . . .

Kerry said his attorneys would "go after" local election officials who erroneously "purge people" from the rolls of registered voters. He also expressed concern about some of the new digital voting machines fielded in some states as part of a congressionally backed, multibillion-dollar initiative to modernize the nation's election system in the aftermath of the 2000 irregularities.

In a separate interview, Bauer said legal teams will work in every state over the next several months, talking with local officials, gathering information on voting procedures and researching legal issues that could arise.

"We have an operation that's nationwide," he said. "We want to make sure that every eligible voter who votes has that vote counted."

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