Friday, July 02, 2004

Papistry and Sophistry All Rolled Into One 

Although your genial hosts at King of Zembla hope only to ensure that a jolly time is had by all and therefore studiously avoid any discussion of politics or religion, you have perhaps read elsewhere that two Catholic prelates recently recommended withholding the Eucharist not only from John Kerry (a Catholic politician who supports abortion rights), but also from any practicing Catholic who might cast a vote for John Kerry (a Catholic politician who supports abortion rights); the notoriously liberal mainstream press has made sure that the opinions of these distinguished mullahs, if that's the word I want, were widely disseminated, if that's the word I want. But our esteemed colleague Michael of Musing's Musings has done us the radical service of tracking down the consensus opinion of the U.S. Catholic bishops on the subject, as delivered at their conference in June:
Based on our consultation process, there is significant concern about the perception that the sacred nature of the Eucharist could be trivialized and might be turned into a partisan political battleground. Expecting a minister of Holy Communion to make these judgments would create great pastoral difficulties. We do not want to encourage confrontations at the altar rail with the Sacred Body of the Lord Jesus in our hands. This could create unmanageable burdens for our priests and those who assist them and could turn the Eucharist into a perceived source of political combat.
-- And what about the plight of those unfortunate Catholics who elect to support the death penalty, the war in Iraq, torture, etc., in express defiance of the Pope's stated doctrines?

Michael dissects the recent, bizarre heresy charge against Kerry in a separate but equally well-argued post here.

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