Thursday, July 08, 2004

Pomp and Secrecy 

Avedon Carol links to the latest from Python Terry Jones:
As we mark the first full week of Iraqi sovereignty, the world is only just beginning to appreciate the full significance of the historic handover ceremony, which was hurried through in secret two days before it was due and without any of the top people present.

It is now clear that this may well be a blueprint for all future state occasions and festivities in this age of terrorism. President Bush is expected to order that, from now on, July 4 should be celebrated at least two days earlier, although the White House will reserve the right to declare July 4 in June or even May if need be. The president also will have full powers to announce that Thanksgiving has been and gone before any terrorist has had a chance to mark the occasion with violence . . . .

Condoleezza Rice wrote to President Bush that "Iraq is sovereign", which, according to my dictionary, means "independent of outside authority". The reality of course is that Iraq has 140,000 American troops stationed on its soil, whom the Iraqi government cannot get rid of and over whom it has no control, other than authorising more bombings in Falluja. Nor can the new sovereign government prosecute any Americans or other foreigners who have killed, maimed or tortured Iraqi civilians over the past year . . . .

Secrecy and control must become our watchwords if democracy is to survive in the age of terrorism and continue to confront the enemies of freedom - tyrants, such as Saddam Hussein, who operate by secrecy and control that are the very opposite of our own traditions.
On a related note, the Democrats are thinking about pushing the convention in Boston up a week; with any luck they can be long out of Boston before Ridge, Ashcroft, the news media, and any potential terrorists (who might be pissed off about the capture of Osama, currently slated for July 26) catch on.

Keep it under your hat.

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