Friday, July 09, 2004

Pubic Hair Is Deeply Offended by the Comparison 

Democrats making obscene references to the President's name? Why, bless my Slick Willie. From the Boston Herald:
Amid outrage from Republicans and in the press, Sen. John F. Kerry is feverishly trying to distance himself from Hollywood celebs who called President Bush a "liar" and "cheap thug" - and even made obscene references to his last name at a New York fund-raiser.

The raciest comments came from comedienne Whoopi Goldberg, who went on an extended riff comparing the president's last name to female genitalia [don't worry; we've already dropped the Herald a brief note with a more precise definition -- S.]. In addition to many that can't be printed, Goldberg said voters should "keep Bush where it belongs and not in the White House."

The Bay State senator's aides said Goldberg, Chevy Chase, Meryl Streep and others didn't speak for him when they lampooned the president in derogatory and personal terms . . . .

"If John Kerry is going to praise last night's star-studded hate fest, and characterize it as the 'heart and soul' of America, he should share these values with voters everywhere," [Bush-Cheney campaign manager Ken] Mehlman said.

Kerry spokesman Michael Meehan suggested the campaign would release a tape of the performance when Vice President Dick Cheney releases tape of his reported cursing at Democrats on the floor of the Senate . . . .

Chase, who built his career on "Saturday Night Live" making fun of the gaffe-prone President Gerald Ford, compared Bush's intellect to an "egg timer" and said the most recent book the president read is "Leader of the Free World for Dummies."

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