Tuesday, July 20, 2004

The Sad State of Education Today 

The August issue of Harper's (not online, alas) contains several new Enron transcripts, including the one below, in which two young energy traders demonstrate their shocking ignorance of the key texts of modern economic thought -- or at least of Thomas Frank's One Market Under God, the only one we've managed to plug through ourselves:
TOM: Serious shit goin' on out in the West, man. Clinton steppin' in and stuff.
MATT: Oh, yeah, you see this shit? Fuckin' nutty, huh?
TOM: The price caps?
MATT: The price caps!
TOM: Fucking bullshit. It would take care of all the weak. Get rid of 'em and then you know what? The people who are strong and understand how it works will stick around and--and--no, prices aren't going to stay at a thousand bucks forever--
MATT: Right.
TOM: --but it will until the people get out who don't know what the hell they're doing.
MATT: Tell you what--you heard this here first: When Bush wins--
TOM: Caps are gone.
MATT: That fucking Clinton, he's fuck--all these fuckin' socialist are gone.
TOM: Yeah, and you know what? If you don't know what you're doing, you're fucked. See you.
MATT: Where'd you see that Clinton was, ah--
TOM: It just came out on Reuters: "Clinton Takes Steps to Ease California Power Crisis."
MATT: There's no crisis.
TOM: Fuck 'em, right?
MATT: We fuckin' export like a motherfucker.
TOM: You gettin' rich?
MATT: Tryin' to. I just, you know--You know what pissed me off so bad about the fuckin'--the fuckin' caps.
TOM: Oh, fuckin' A it does. It's just crap. It's completely crap. It--it just goes against everything our country's about.
MATT: I feel like we're in a Third World country. There's no friggin' no--there's no free market. It's like a Third World country.
TOM: How can they do that? They can't do that, I don't think, really. They can also be sued. You can sue the fuckin' government. Fuck 'em.
MATT: Oh, shit. I gotta go into this meeting. So, anyway, see ya.
Mad props to diarist El Payo at Daily Kos, who saved us the trouble of typing out the text above by doing it his own bad self.

El Payo also had what strikes us as one hell of a sweet idea: why not call up your cable company and tell them you no longer wish to receive Fox News?

One call might not accomplish much. But a few thousand couldn't hurt . . . .

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