Thursday, July 15, 2004

Symbolic Gesture 

Via Zemblan patriot P.S.: It really doesn't take much to make our legislators feel good about themselves:
Lawmakers cheered as the House of Representatives voted on Thursday to strip financial assistance for Saudi Arabia from a foreign aid bill because of criticism that the country has not been sufficiently cooperative in the U.S. war on terror.

The vote was a stinging defeat for the Bush Administration which had strongly opposed the measure saying it would "severely undermine" counterterrorism cooperation with Saudi Arabia and U.S. efforts for peace in the Middle East.

The House voted 217-191 to remove $25,000 in the $19.4 billion 2005 foreign aid bill earmarked for Saudi Arabia.
Yes, yes, we know: nicking the Saudis for $25K is the rough equivalent of fining Ken Lay a nickel. But, as lawmakers explained, approval of the funds would have triggered "millions of dollars in discounts on hardware and other military training."

Which is still the equivalent of fining Ken Lay a nickel.

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