Friday, July 02, 2004

The Temperature at Which Free Republic Bursts into Flame 

The media savants at FreeRepublic.com, who rarely make it down to the multiplex because -- let's face it -- Home Shopping Network is on 24 hours a day and it's free, are scratching their points over the massive grosses ($40 million and counting) for Fahrenheit 9/11. The posts mainly fall into two categories: A) bold predictions that the Michael Moore documentary will be dethroned from its perch atop the national box office by Spider-Man 2, proving it was just a flash in the pan; and B) plaintive variations on No -- no -- this can't be happening!!, such as:
My only question is do ticket sales equal butts in the seats? Inquiring minds want to know . . . .

I wonder if we'd even hear about it if Soros bought $20mil of those tickets . . . .

I read on another thread that block purchases can be tracked/noted/counted. Seems to me a fair question. As well if attendance equals ticket sales. That should be a no-brainer. Just ask cinema managers if they're holding sold-out screenings to empty seats . . . .
If you've been unable to score a ticket because George Soros got there first, be of good cheer: today the movie expands to over 1700 theatres, up from 868 last week. Which proves that right-wing intimidation campaigns are as nothing compared to the intoxicating scent of moolah.

(Thanks to Preston of Daily Kos for the link.)

UPDATE: And of course you have already read Krugman.

UPDATE II: Matt Yglesias shoots from hip, hits bullseye:
It's also noteworthy that while Moore has done us all a great service by bringing to light the footage of the president not reacting to the second WTC attack, he fails to make what I think is the most important point here: The President's own aides have such a low opinion of Bush's leadership capabilities that they didn't think it was immediately necessary -- or, perhaps, desirable -- for him to take charge of the situation right away.

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