Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Twisted & Maniacal, Part II 

Those mischievous rascals on the US Civil Rights Commission have invited Greg Palast and Glenda Hood to the same party:
The US Civil Rights Commission has asked Greg Palast to testify before a special commission hearing Thursday, July 15th at 11am, to discuss his continuing investigative reports for BBC Television on Florida and other states' cleansing of Black voters from voter rolls. Palast's reports provide the basis for the story on the vote fix in Florida featured in Michael Moore's “Fahrenheit 9/11.”

The Commission requested that the Florida Secretary of State testify jointly with Palast before the Commission . . . .

Palast's latest investigation has uncovered new attempts by the State of Florida to take away the votes of African-Americans - this includes a fix in registries and in ballot counting methods and racial bias in the computerization of the ballot box. "Florida put Jim Crow in cyberspace in 2000 ... and it's looking worse in 2004."

The Democratic Caucus of Congress has also asked Palast to appear Thursday morning before the hearings to explain the latest from his investigations of vote fixes and the Bush-bin Laden family connection. Palast will also be a panelist on a joint Minority Outreach Forum sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus and Senator Hillary Clinton. "I'm happy to speak to Republicans, too,” said journalist Palast, "but I haven't received a request to drop by Dick Cheney's bunker."
C-SPAN is scheduled to carry the testimony live, so you can watch the sparks fly in realtime. You can read Mr. Palast's famous demolition of Ms. Hood's predecessor, Katherine Harris, here, and Ms. Harris's reply (”Greg Palast's Annotation distorts and misrepresents the events surrounding the 2000 presidential election in Florida in order to support his twisted and maniacally partisan conclusions") here.

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