Thursday, July 15, 2004

Wilson Watch 

If you haven't been following the latest developments in the Joe Wilson Yellowcake saga, you can catch up by reading:

1) Mary Jacoby's Salon summary of the right-wing media campaign to discredit Wilson, starting with a Sue Schmidt piece in the Washington Post that accused Wilson of lying when he said that his wife had not recommended him for a fact-finding mission to Niger;

2) The last few days' worth of posts at Talking Points Memo, in which Josh Marshall dissects recent claims (by the Financial Times, among others) that the yellowcake story may have had some validity after all. Marshall also makes the crucial point that Wilson's credibility is insignificant compared to the main issue here -- which is, who outed Wilson's wife, CIA operative Valerie Plame, to Robert Novak?

3) Joe Wilson's own letter to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

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