Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Work Harder, Karl 

Geraldine Sealy of Salon's "War Room" on the enduring mystery of why the typical voter regards millionaire John Kerry as an icy patrician snob, while millionaire George W. Bush inevitably comes across as a folksy, affable, down-home type:
An enduring mystery, indeed -- made even more mysterious by a new study that shows it isn't even true. The Project for Excellence in Journalism reports that when asked which of the candidates is a "wealthy elitist" 27 percent chose George W. Bush, compared to 20 percent for John Kerry. Another new poll shows Bush edging out Kerry when voters are asked to describe the magnitude of the candidate's wealth, and a majority saying Bush, not Kerry, is the arrogant one (although Bush also gets a slight edge for being more "likeable".)
Also, a solid majority of voters polled felt that, of the two, Bush would be "more fun at an execution." By a slightly smaller margin, Bush was considered the more likely to enjoy "putting firecrackers in frogs and throwing them and blowing them up."

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