Wednesday, August 18, 2004

The Buck Stops There 

Via Major Barbara of the first-rate blog Arms and the Man: Full exoneration for Rumsfeld et al, who did not order that particular lightstick shoved up that particular haji's ass -- at least not in writing. (Hey, Seymour -- when does the book come out?) From the L.A. Times:
A long-awaited report on the Abu Ghraib prison scandal will implicate about two dozen military intelligence soldiers and civilian contractors in the intimidation and sexual humiliation of Iraq war prisoners, but will not suggest wrongdoing by military brass outside the prison, senior Defense officials said Wednesday.

The report will recommend disciplinary action against two senior prison officers: the colonel in charge of the military intelligence brigade that oversaw interrogations at the compound near Baghdad and a general in charge of a reserve military police brigade in charge of the prison.

It also will recommend that the intelligence soldiers face criminal abuse charges similar to those lodged earlier against seven reserve military police soldiers, the officials said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

But in the end, Defense officials said, the report implicates no one outside the prison.

"The report is going to say responsibility for Abu Ghraib stops at the brigade level," a senior official said . . . .

[O]ne senior Defense official said the new report, by Army Maj. Gen. George R. Fay, will make clear when it is released next week that "no one in Washington said, 'Stack people on top of each other, naked.'"
No disrespect to Gen. Fay, but our esteemed former colleague Washingtonienne made it clear that quite a few people in Washington have said exactly that . . . .

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