Monday, August 23, 2004

Disasters Natural and Otherwise 

Our esteemed colleague Brian Hunter of Common Prejudice links to a heart-rending article on Darfur from the Washington Post, and reminds us that this Wednesday, August 25, has been designated a "Day of Conscience" for the Sudan. Click on the link and spread the word.

And, as if the man-made tragedies weren't gruesome enough . . . .
A plague of Biblical proportions threatens to decimate the fragile agricultural communities of west Africa. The culprit is a six-legged munching machine called Schistocerca gregaria, otherwise known as the desert locust.

Swarms up to 40km long and containing billions of insects have been sighted in southern Mauritania, northern Senegal, Mali and Niger. The FAO said there is a high risk of them spreading to Bukina Faso and the troubled Darfur region of western Sudan.

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