Sunday, August 01, 2004

Fresh Idea: Stun 9/11 Terrorists by Attacking Anyone Other Than 9/11 Terrorists 

Hosenball and Isikoff reveal in Newsweek that a certain small cadre of lunatics at the Pentagon, following the example of Donald Rumsfeld by lamenting the "lack of good targets in Afghanistan" post-9/11, recommended a full-scale assault on the innocent people of South America or Southeast Asia:
The memo suggested "hitting targets outside the Middle East in the initial offensive" or a "non-Al Qaeda target like Iraq," the panel's report states. U.S. attacks in Latin America and Southeast Asia were portrayed as a way to catch the terrorists off guard when they were expecting an assault on Afghanistan.

The memo's content, NEWSWEEK has learned, was in part the product of ideas from a two-man secret Pentagon intelligence unit appointed by [Defense Under Secretary Douglas] Feith after 9/11: veteran defense analyst Michael Maloof and Mideast expert David Wurmser, now a top foreign-policy aide to Dick Cheney. Maloof and Wurmser saw links between international terror groups that the CIA and other intelligence agencies dismissed. They argued that an attack on terrorists in South America—for example, a remote region on the border of Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil where intelligence reports said Iranian-backed Hizbullah had a presence—would have ripple effects on other terrorist operations.
A September 17 memo by Paul "Kookie, Kookie, Lend Me Your Comb" Wolfowitz promoted the idea of attacking Iraq instead, citing the theories of neocon madwoman Laurie Mylroie, who has long maintained that it was Saddam Hussein who convinced Eve to partake of the fruit of the tree of knowledge.

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