Sunday, August 29, 2004

Fun with Numbers 

How many anti-Bush protesters in NYC today? Tens of thousands (VOA)?
On the eve of the Republican National Convention, tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets of Manhattan to speak out against the Bush administration and the war in Iraq. Several dozen bicyclists were arrested, but a heavy police presence helped keep the march largely peaceful.
The rally kicked off with a speech by the father of Nick Berg, a 26-year-old American contractor who was beheaded by Iraqi kidnappers in May. "George Bush must go. He has stolen my son away from me. He has stolen an election. He has stolen our democracy. He has our freedom and our security and our peace of mind," he said.
Or hundreds of thousands (Reuters)?
Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators toting colorful banners and shouting "no more Bush" took to the streets of New York on Sunday, the day before the Republican convention was to open, to decry the U.S.-led war in Iraq and President Bush's policies.

Organizers for United for Peace and Justice coalition estimated 400,000 people marched for more than five hours in summer heat and humidity. Police declined to estimate the size of the crowd, but it stretched out more than a mile along two main avenues in central Manhattan . . . .

Police said there were more than 200 arrests during the day, most unrelated to the march, but there was at least one clash between self-styled anarchists and police along the route. Three police officers were injured.

About 500 people have been arrested since anti-Bush protests began on Thursday when AIDS activists stood naked in front of Madison Square Garden.
You be the judge:

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