Wednesday, August 11, 2004

History Repeats Itself 

Is it farce yet? From Digby:
The redoubtable Hesiod, in the comments below, wonders why nobody has unearthed the story of George H. W. Bush Sr's 1988 brush with controversy over his navy heroics in WWII. Apparently, there were some fellow aviators --- not on his own plane mind you (ahem) --- who claimed that he bailed prematurely on two of his comrades on the Barbara II and got them killed.

I only bring this up because it's interesting that even though a man came forward to make these charges in an August 12, 1988 NY Post story by Allan Wolper and Al Ellenberg, called "The Day Bush Bailed Out," the Democrats didn't then use it as a line of attack to destroy Bush Sr's reputation. In fact, the story died down quite quickly. Had they chosen to smear him, there was enough mud around to make it ugly. They didn't.

And, it's not as if Bush Sr. didn't run on his war record. In fact, CNN is currently helping his son run on it too. In every campaign it was front and center. But, in all the years of running against George Bush our side never stooped to questioning his bravery or integrity in the Big One.

But somebody did. His name is Ted Sampley, Godfather of the Swift Boat Liars. If you'd like to read all about Bush Sr's alleged cowardice in WWII, here it is, from the chief veteran smear artist himself. Seems he has problems with a lot of war heroes.

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