Sunday, August 22, 2004

The Inconvenience of Paper Trails 

My Left Brain neatly encapsulates the core distinction between the MoveOn ads questioning Bush's National Guard service and the Swift Boat Veterans ads disputing Kerry's record of heroism:
Attacks on Bush's guard record are based on questions that arise because of his guard record. His guard record documents that he did not take his physical and was suspended from flying. It is fair to ask why and to criticize him for not fulfilling his obligation or wasting the taxpayer money invested in training him. It goes beyond fair to produce an ad speculating that Bush failed to take his physical because the National Guard instituted a drug test that year and Bush was using cocaine.

By his own admission, Bush admitted that he went to Alabama without authorization and did not show up for Guard duty in Alabama at the dates he was required to do so. From May to September, he logged no service.

The only man who "remembers" seeing Bush at his Alabama Guard post is a republican who remembers seeing Bush in months when by his own acknowledgment Bush wasn't there. This lacks a certain credibility.

Bush's file has a report by his supervisors which documents that he was not observed at the base in the past twelve months and so they could not evaluate him. This report was filed on a day when Bush claims he was at the base.

A Bush family friend acknowleged under oath using his position to help Bush get into the guard over other young men who were on a waiting list . . . .

In summary, the criticism of Bush's record is based on the record; the criticism of Kerry's record is contradicted by the record, which is why it's nothing more than slander. The way these "swiftboat liars" crumble under media scrutiny makes me think they would be very poor witnesses on cross-examination. Kerry should sue their asses and force them to spend some of their time and money defending themselves.

Can you imagine the questions? Mr. Hoffman, are you saying that as a Navy officer, you petitioned for medals without assuring that the claims were legitimate and that you filed false performance evaluations? Mr. Eliot, are you saying that as a Navy commander, you lied on Kerry's evaluation?

Mr. Thurlow, was your second in command, Robert Eugene Lambert, lying when he signed a petition for your bronze medal? When you recieved this medal, why didn't you tell the Navy it was inaccurate and return it?

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