Saturday, August 28, 2004

Le Deluge 

Laura Rozen (whose major piece on the provenance of the forged Niger uranium documents, written with Josh Marshall and Paul Glastris, is supposed to go online at the Washington Monthly site later today) links to a Knight-Ridder story suggesting that most if not all of the raging rivers of shit that have swollen beyond their banks to inundate the landscape of our foreign policy emanate from a single source -- and yes, we do mean the same gentleman whom Tommy Franks described as "the fucking stupidest guy on the face of the earth":
An FBI probe into the handling of highly classified material by Pentagon civilians is broader than previously reported, and goes well beyond allegations that a single mid-level analyst gave a top-secret Iran policy document to Israel, three sources familiar with the investigation said Saturday.

The probe, which has been going on for more than two years, also has focused on other civilians in the Secretary of Defense's office, said the sources, who spoke on condition they not be identified, but who have first-hand knowledge of the subject.

In addition, one said, FBI investigators in recent weeks have conducted interviews to determine whether Pentagon officials gave highly classified U.S. intelligence to a leading Iraqi exile group, the Iraqi National Congress, which may in turn have passed it on to Iran. INC leader Ahmed Chalabi has denied his group was involved in any wrongdoing.

The linkage, if any, between the two leak investigations, remains unclear.

But they both center on the office of Undersecretary of Defense Douglas Feith, the Pentagon's No. 3 official.

Feith's office, which oversees policy matters, has been the source of numerous controversies over the last three years. His office had close ties to Chalabi and was responsible for post-war Iraq planning that the administration has now acknowledged was inadequate. Before the war, Feith and his aides pushed the now-discredited theory that former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein was in league with al-Qaida.
Also: isn't the blogosphere wonderful? Where else could you look in on a pissing contest between our esteemed colleague Swopa of Needlenose and that leading light of the Axis of Neoconservatism Michael Ledeen?

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