Monday, August 09, 2004

The Lid Is On 

Zemblan patriot B.K. recently chided us for omitting a key portion of Paul Krugman's recent BuzzFlash interview:
If you read closely the reporting from Iraq, what’s pretty clear is that our army has been told to basically cede control of large swaths of the country to the insurgents in order to hold the casualty figures down until November. I guess you could call that pragmatic, although what happens afterwards, I don’t know. It was pretty clear that Bush’s initial decision was to send the troops in and level Fallujah. But after that didn’t work out too well, the next reaction was, okay, let’s just try and keep the troops on their bases, and see if we can taper this off until the election.
B.K. adds:
Any sane grunt will of course go along with that one. I doubt if they're doing much patrolling.

Another aspect of "The War We Don't See" -- the substitution of Iraqi gov't sources for American Army sources in giving info to the onsite reporters. Initially they phased out the generals who were doing this by substituting press releases, which couldn't be asked questions when they stonewalled. The new "Iraqization" of the process of informing the press about the war puts it in the hands of the people who are already shutting down press outlets inside Iraq.
On which note, the NYT reports (via Cursor) that the Allawi government has shut down the Baghdad bureau of Al Jazeera.

Riverbend, meanwhile, mentions the three hundred-plus civilian residents of Najaf and Sadr City who, thanks to the "reconstruction," will no longer be around to envy our freedoms. (Link courtesy of Zemblan patriot M.D.)

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