Monday, August 16, 2004

Step One: Divert the Potomac 

From our esteemed colleague Scorpio at Eccentricity, John Kerry's to-do list. Will eight years be time enough to muck out the governmental stables that Bush has so prolifically befouled?

Also from Scorpio: last month we brought you a few brief excerpts from Lynne Cheney's long out-of-print frontier lesbian novel, Sisters, copies of which were then fetching a cool ten grand on ABEbooks.com. Now, as a favor to the many readers who do not have ten grand to spare and therefore expect to get their raw sexual content for free from us, we link to the unofficial Sisters website, where the full text of this seminal anti-seminal literary artifact (or a very persuasive pastiche thereof; how the hell would we know?) is being posted a chapter at a time.

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