Tuesday, August 17, 2004

The Urinator 

Dept. of Giving the People What They Want:
An angry businessman who was sued by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger for marketing bobblehead dolls in his likeness on Friday said he would now market "Arnie" urinal cakes.

Washington lobbyist John Edgell was one of the defendants sued by the movie star politician for marketing a nodding bobblehead doll of Schwarzenegger brandishing an assault rifle . . . .

Also included in the Arnie product line-up, according to Edgell, will be a Schwarzenegger "Girlie-Man" bobblehead doll, featuring the imposing governor and former Mr Universe bodybuilder wearing "a pink dress, lipstick and eye makeup" . . . .

Edgell is furious at the settlement struck between the governor and the manufacturers of the gun-toting bobblehead. He maintains that the deal deprived a cancer charity of the proceeds from the sales in favour of directing the money from the replacement dolls to Schwarzenegger's own charity.

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