Saturday, August 14, 2004

What, Me Govern? 

When a referee at an NFL training camp denounced the unsportsmanlike practice of post-touchdown logo-stomping, Charles Pierce had an epiphany:
As the referee droned on, my mind drifted from thoughts of spontaneous exuberance -- such as, say, tossing a cherry tomato at the gent -- to thoughts of politics, and about how the 2004 presidential campaign had already started to drift into the Land of the Slime Critters, and not just because of the arrival of the Swift Boat Veterans For Whoever’s Writing The Checks. It was broadly hinted at in Washington that the White House was going to use its time and money during the run-up to the Republican national convention to make John Kerry a subject of humor and derision.

Which means they're going to be stomping on Kerry’s logo pretty hard over the next month or so.

It is a wonderment, though, that this president is going to campaign for a while on the platform of making somebody else look ridiculous. The sheer audacity of it, considering that, every time he rises to speak, this president is even money to break an ankle getting from a subject to a verb, and that this president talks about the serious problem of international sex tourism without ever apparently consulting his brother Neil, who apparently lived for several years in Thailand working as a petri dish, and that this president could find neither oil in Texas nor his National Guard unit in Alabama. “Food on your family.” “Make the pie higher.” “Watch this drive.” The Pet Goat. With all the very big fish they have swimming around in their own very small barrels, they’re now going to launch Operation Whoopie Cushion?


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