Monday, September 27, 2004

Baby, Baby, It's a Wild World 

Over the weekend we noticed that our venerated colleague Scorpio (of Eccentricity) had posted an entry entitled "Sinister." The basic thrust of the item is that a bookstore clerk used her credit card to purchase a Cat Stevens CD at 7 PM, and at 9:15 PM received a call from the Department of Homeland Security inquiring as to the nature and extent of her fascination with Yusuf Islam.

We would have linked to it at the time had it not been a second-hand account with the faint whiff of urban legend about it. Now Scorpio has posted a follow-up with extensive substantiating detail.

We acknowledge that reality these days has a way of confounding skeptics -- the worst-case scenarios we envision are never quite bad enough -- but we still hope the story is bogus, if only because we hate to think of all those G-man-hours squandered. Especially in light of this.

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