Saturday, September 11, 2004

Deprecated, Castigated, Humiliated -- But Not Decapitated! 

The consistenly dishonest small-market right-wing would-be-pundit Debra J. Saunders manages a rare burst of perspicacity in her recent column on the Log Cabin Republicans, arguing that Bush's support for a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage places him on the "losing side of history":
Log Cabin R's believe that the Bush position was based on a decision by political guru Karl Rove to get out the vote of some 4 million evangelicals who stayed home in 2000 . . . .

The Bushies may be cleaving to a risky strategy of basing a win on getting people who don't always vote to turn out at the polls, while alienating those who do vote. It is oddly shortsighted . . . .

A New York Times survey found that 41 percent of GOP delegates (who are supposed to be more conservative than the general population) support civil unions for gay couples. It is only a matter of time before most Republicans support civil unions so that gay and lesbian couples can enjoy the rights that heterosexuals enjoy. Bush is heading in the wrong direction.
We could not agree more. But we have found ourselves agreeing with Saunders in the past, and we have learned that, although she is capable of simulating tolerance and reason for extended stretches, in the end her peculiar brand of lunacy always reasserts itself -- as it does in spectacular fashion here:
While the Log Cabin Republicans refused to endorse Bush, club members are free to vote for Bush in the privacy of a voting booth. They may want to join moderate Republicans, who oppose Bush on abortion and gay rights, but see the need to support him because of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

After all, the United States is in a more pressing war -- against Islamic terrorists, who have a different set of options they would present to gays and lesbians. It is not civil union versus same-sex marriage -- it's stoning or beheading.
So Kerry's dropped out of the race, and the November election is now a contest between virulently homophobic Christian theocrats and even more virulently homophobic Islamic theocrats? Why hadn't we heard about this? No one tells us anything.

But we have to admit we are eagerly looking forward to the first debate.

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