Thursday, September 02, 2004

The Economy Is Turning the Corner (When You Pretend) 

Numbers indicate a problem? Well, then, you idiot, fix the numbers. From the Daily Mislead (via Zemblan patriot K.Z.):
Last week, the Census Bureau released statistics showing that for the first time in years, poverty had increased for three straight years, while the number of Americans without health care increased to a record level. But instead of changing its economic and health care policies, the Bush administration today is announcing plans to change the way the statistics are compiled. The move is just the latest in a series of actions by the White House to doctor or eliminate longstanding and nonpartisan economic data collection methods.

In a Bush administration press release yesterday, the Census Bureau said next week it "will announce a new economic indicator" as "an additional tool to better understand" the economy. The change in statistics is being directed by Bush political appointees and comes just 60 days from the election. It will be the first modification of Census data in 40 years.
From The Little Engineer That Could (borrowed, on inter-library loan, from Booker Elementary School):
"Mr. Bush!" cried the steel-drivin' roughneck. "Stop the train! The signalman says there's a bridge out dead ahead!"

The Little Engineer stroked his chin thoughtfully. "Just how far away is that bridge?"

"Just around the bend, sir. Less than a hundred yards!"

"Hmm," said the Little Engineer. "Let's call it a quarter of a mile, why don't we? We'll probably need that extra room to slow down."
UPDATE: For further details, check out the worthy new blog Public Health Press.

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