Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Highly Visible in the Back of the Bus 

We understand that the Republicans are taking every possible precaution not to rile up Alan Keyes, but just imagine what Mary 'n' Heather's "prominence" on the stage might have "amounted to." From the exquisitely balanced L.A. Times:
As Vice President Dick Cheney stepped onto the podium in Madison Square Garden on Wednesday night, the eyes of some were trained not on the stage but the audience, searching for a glimpse of his daughter Mary.

And there she was, in the family's box, sitting next to her partner in their first prominent public appearance as a lesbian couple.

The vice president, in his speech accepting renomination, did not mentioned Mary or her older sister, Elizabeth, choosing instead to feature his four grandchildren. At the end of the vice president's remarks, he was joined onstage by Elizabeth and the grandchildren, while Mary and Heather Poe applauded from their seats.

Their prominence in the first row of the box amounted to a silent resistance against religious conservatives
, who have made Mary Cheney's sexual orientation an issue . . . .

"It's great that she's here supporting her father," said San Clemente Mayor Susan Ritschel, a California delegate. "I'm not in favor of gay marriage, but I am in favor of individual freedom."
-- "individual freedom" being here defined as the right to endorse Dick Cheney in a public setting without being subsequently dragged along several miles of bad road while chained to the trailer hitch of a pickup truck?

Ahh, progress.

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