Monday, September 27, 2004

The KoZ Bullshit Challenge 

Hey, Johnny K: you can lose that patrician stink, stun the Republicans, galvanize the base, burnish your street cred, dominate the news media, and claim the mantle of straight-shooter Harry S. Truman in two syllables. And we'll pay you to do it! King of Zembla hereby pledges one thousand dollars American to the Democratic Party if you will, at some point during a nationally-televised debate, turn to the president (who will be tossing out many a lie from his big bag of same) and utter the following succinct, but eloquent, riposte:


You may read the full strategy here. Meanwhile, we will be happy to take (via e-mail or comments below) supplementary pledges large and small from other Zemblans who would pay to hear the plain truth spoken aloud for once.

In other contest news: our esteemed colleague John Goldstone of The World's Shortest Blog is now offering a handsome bounty of $8,360 to the first person who asks the president One Simple Question. Pop over that way and boost his total if you have any dough to spare.

The Texans for Truth, alas, have not yet had the opportunity to part with the fifty grand they promised to anyone who could verify that George Bush performed his required duties at Dannelly ANG Base in Alabama between May '72 and May '73.

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