Thursday, September 16, 2004

The Martyrdom of Glenda 

Poor, selfless Glenda Hood, striving to do her job as best she can, motivated only by her deep, abiding concern for the democratic process and the rights of Florida voters -- yet, despite her tireless efforts, thwarted at every turn by the fucking law:
Florida Supreme Court justices stepped in yesterday and ordered elections chief Glenda Hood to stop any presidential ballots from being mailed until they rule on Ralph Nader's Reform Party candidacy.

After days of legal wrangling, which caused Nader's name to ping-pong on and off Florida's presidential ballot, justices called a halt to further action until a hearing tomorrow.

"They're basically just saying stop everything for now. This has gotten too confusing. Wait until we rule," said Mark Herron, a lawyer for the Florida Democratic Party, which is seeking to have Nader stripped from the ballot.

The high court's ruling was in response to an appeal from Hood, Florida's secretary of state, who earlier yesterday was dealt a strong rebuke by Leon County Circuit Judge Kevin Davey. During a hearing, Davey ordered Hood to rescind the go-ahead she had given the state's 67 election supervisors to prepare absentee ballots with Nader's name on them for mailing by Saturday.

Hood's move seemed to defy not only Davey's earlier injunction, but also to flout the Supreme Court as ultimate arbiter in the case.

Hood, a former Orlando, Fla., mayor, has said she was only trying to perform "ministerial" duties as the state's top elections officer, and help supervisors meet a deadline. By law, ballots must be sent by Saturday to about 25,000 overseas voters and military personnel who have requested them.

"Everything we've done is for the voters of Florida, and it's the supervisors of election who are under the gun," Hood said. "We have been trying to avoid the confusion that has now occurred."
While you're fighting back tears for Glenda, why not read (courtesy of Zemblan patriot M.F.) this NYT editorial on the Florida fraud machine?

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