Saturday, September 04, 2004

More of This, Please 

It's not that Bush doesn't give him the ammo:
Democrat John Kerry rebuked President Bush on Saturday for trying to "bamboozle" U.S. voters and burying the largest increase in Medicare history with an announcement at the start of a long holiday weekend amid a rush of news at home and abroad.

Kerry questioned the timing of the Bush administration's announcement late on Friday that older Americans will have to pay about 17 percent more next year for their government-run health insurance, the largest increase in Medicare's history.

"He promised again a couple of nights ago to strengthen Medicare," Kerry told a rally at a baseball stadium in Akron. "Then you wake up when a lot of the news is being hidden by what's happening in the hurricane down in Florida, what's happening in Russia with 200 people tragically killed by terrorists."

The centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services announced at the start of the Labor Day weekend that the elderly will pay $78.20 per month for non-hospital services, up $11.60 from $66.60 this year.

"The news is hidden but it isn't going to be hidden for long on Americans, because what they did yesterday was this president made history twice," Kerry said.

"They're trying to fake it to the American people," he said. "They're trying to bamboozle you and throw around so much mud that you can't really break through and grab onto the things that are real in your lives."

The Massachusetts senator said that with the release of anemic August jobs growth, Bush would become the first president since Herbert Hoover "to be absolutely certain on Election Day to have not created one single new job."

"And ... medical premiums go up for senior citizens 17 percent, the largest increase in Medicare premiums for 40 years," Kerry said. "Who are they going to send the bill to? They're going to send the bill to our senior citizens, they're going to send the bill to all of you."
The Medicare issue should certainly play to Kerry's advantage with all the elderly Buchanan voters in Florida. The trick will be keeping it alive for another couple of news cycles, since the story broke just as half a million Floridians were evacuating their homes in anticipation of Hurricane Frances.

Not that their votes will ever be counted anyway.

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