Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Our Travels 

While in Philadelphia tonight for our long-planned summit meeting with the Emperor of Ice Cream, we had the good fortune to meet, among others, Richard Cranium of the All Spin Zone and Atrios of the little-known but very promising blog Eschaton.

We hope you have bben following the latter's excellent coverage of Swingin' Roger Stone, the notorious GOP dirty-tricks specialist whose resume includes:

A) organizing the notorious "Brooks Brothers riot" that shut down the Miami-Dade County recount shortly after the 2000 election;
B) financing and staffing the presidential campaign of Al Sharpton;
C) and, according to an item in today's NY Post --
The hot rumor in New York political circles has Roger Stone, the longtime GOP activist, as the source for Dan Rather's dubious Texas Air National Guard "memos."

The irony would be delicious, since Rather became famous confronting President Nixon, in whose service a very young Stone became associated with political "dirty tricks."

Reached at his Florida home, Stone had no comment.

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