Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Satan: Where's My Down Jacket? 

Muffler sales up 500% in Gehenna; minor daemons spotted skiing on slopes of Tartarus. From the AP wire:
Halliburton Co.'s multibillion dollar contract for work to support U.S. troops in Iraq will be put back up for bids, according to a published report.

The Wall Street Journal said Tuesday an internal Army memo indicates the move is planned within months. The company, formerly headed by Vice President Dick Cheney, has come under intense scrutiny amid allegations of overcharging and poor accounting.

The value of the contract, to feed and house U.S. troops in Iraq, is valued at up to $13 billion.
Halliburton CEO Dave Lesar at an analyst's conference earlier today: "I'm not sure we're going to rebid if it's hacked into too many pieces in Iraq. If we do choose to rebid, we're going to jack the margins up significantly."

Satan to CEO Dave Lesar: See you soon, buddy!

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