Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Sorry, Wrong Winner 

You know those daffy CIA analysts -- the ones Smilin' George ignores because they're "just guessing" about conditions in Iraq? If you were by any chance wondering why they thought it might be a good, perhaps even a necessary idea to rig the elections that are currently scheduled to take place in January 2005, King Abdullah of Jordan has your answer:
Iraq is far too unsafe to hold elections as scheduled in January and extremists would do well in the poll if Baghdad tried to hold it, Jordan's King Abdullah said in an interview to be published on Tuesday.

Excluding troubled areas from the nationwide poll would only isolate Iraq's Sunnis and create deeper divisions in the country, he told the Paris daily Le Figaro according to a text distributed in advance . . . .

"It seems impossible to me to organize indisputable elections in the chaos we see today," said the king, who was due to meet French President Jacques Chirac in Paris on Tuesday.

"Only if the situation improved could an election be organized on schedule," he said.

"If the elections take place in the current disorder, the best-organized faction will be that of the extremists and the result will reflect that advantage.

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