Tuesday, September 07, 2004

War Galore 

Via our eminent colleagues at Cursor: Time reports that the Bush-Cheney administration, undeterred by its calamitous failure in Iraq, will probably construe every vote it receives in November as a mandate to try, try again:
During a private Aug. 19 conference call with Capitol Hill aides from both parties, sources say, senior Pentagon policy official William Luti said there are at least five or six foreign countries with traits that "no responsible leader can allow." An outspoken proponent of the Iraq war, Luti had declared at an October 2002 conference that the U.S. has "the right to ... hold accountable nations that harbor terrorists." In his recent call, Luti did not name the nations he had in mind but said they are led by dictators with weapons-of-mass-destruction programs and close ties to terrorists. His remarks suggest that the Administration is looking well beyond the current "axis of evil," which includes Iran, Iraq and North Korea; this might put countries like Syria in the spotlight.
On the other hand: Laura Rozen quotes Greg Djerejian, who argues that since the neocons are already falling out of favor, a second Bush administration would natually tilt more toward pragmatism and realpolitik. But as Rozen explains, considering the players involved, that's not necessarily a good thing either.

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