Monday, September 20, 2004

We Are Guessing That the Correct Answer Would Be No 

On Friday we were deep in our regularly-scheduled stupor and neglected to read the Dreyfuss Report. We are therefore most grateful to our distinguished colleague Prometheus 6, without whose vigilance we would never have seen the following exceptionally choice item:
Yesterday I reported on Kofi Annan’s forthright (and refreshingly candid) comment that the war in Iraq was illegal. Here’s a question for Mr. Bush’s lawyers, who crafted the legal defense of the illegal war: You say that the United States went to war in Iraq to enforce UN resolutions that Saddam Hussein had supposedly defied. What if Iran had made the same decision, in 2003, and invaded Iraq to enforce those resolutions? Would that be okay?

Or, what if, let’s say, Russia decides to enforce Resolutions 242 and 338, calling for Israel to return to its pre-1967 borders, and invades. Would that be okay? . . . .

Rumsfeld, obviously tapping into the neocon happy-talk gas, suggests that things are good because Iraqis are going to get tired of being killed. This, from USA Today:
Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld cast it a little differently this week, at a news conference in Missouri. Iraq is making progress, he said. “At some point the Iraqis will get tired of getting killed and we'll have enough of the Iraqi security forces that they can take over responsibility for governing that country,” he said.
Mr. Rumsfeld, let’s put it this way. Do you think Iraqis are going to get tired of winning?

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