Sunday, September 05, 2004

When Johnny Comes Marching Home 

Just in time for Labor Day: midway through his typically-informative screed against the President's unconscionable new overtime rules (the Federal Register predicts that the elimination of overtime pay for 2.7 million workers will result in a "benefit" to employers of $1.53 billion), Greg Palast drops the following small bombshell:
My favorite of [Labor Secretary Elaine] Chao's little amendments would re-classify as "exempt professionals" anyone who learned their skill in the military. In other words, thousands of veterans will now lose overtime pay. I just can't understand why Bush didn't announce that one when he landed on the aircraft carrier.
Screwing labor AND screwing vets with a single stroke of the pen! Now that's efficiency. We can only hope that businesspeople will appreciate the courage it took for Mr. Bush to enact such a rule in the face of news like this.

When will someone make a campaign issue of the increasingly undeniable fact that the president is -- to state it as simply as we can -- evil?

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