Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Why Not Donate It to the Baltimore Zoo So the Monkeys Will Have Something to Hack? 

We're sure that Diebold e-voting machines are every bit as secure as we imagine them to be, but they do turn up in the darnedest places:
Members of the State Board of Elections were surprised to hear reports today that Diebold touchscreen voting machines similar to those used in Maryland were found abandoned recently on a street and in a bar in Baltimore.

Joseph Torre, voting systems and procurement director for the agency, confirmed that one machine was found, but assured board members it did not belong to Maryland.

"It wasn't one of ours," he said. "All 16,009 units are present and accounted for."

"That takes your breath away," board member Joan Beck said.

Torre said he was aware of only one machine being found, although election officials from Baltimore said they got a second call from someone saying he had found two machines on the sidewalk.
With all these ringers floating around, the tricky bit will be making sure that the machines in the polling places this November are the ones that do belong to Maryland.

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