Sunday, October 17, 2004

And She Owns the Entire Run of Xena on DVD 

We share the outrage of the Bush-Cheney campaign at that bad, bad, wretched man John Kerry, who dared to insinuate on national TV that Mary Cheney ---- has actually been rumored to, like, do the kitty. In the wake of this despicable smear, a quite understandable consensus has grown among the Republican candidates, their families, the pundit class and much of the American public that there is absolutely no excuse for stating a known fact about a grown woman in her mid-thirties who happens to work for a campaign that officially regards her, and people like her, as a suitable target for bigotry. It's just out of bounds.

Well, we know what they think. But DonBoy was wondering what John McCain must think.

(Thanks to our esteemed colleague Avedon Carol for the tip.)

UPDATE: Good news for Vice President and Mrs. Cheney -- hope is on the way.

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